Prices & Rates

A trolley or party bus is definitely a luxurious way of transport! However, you'll find that it's surprisingly affordable, especially for a large group of people. Our pricing is based on many different factors so we're able to provide you the best price. When you compare the quality of our professional services to the rate we charge, we believe you'll see what we mean when we say that it's worth it! Even for the budget conscious, there are always options to make it more affordable to fit within your needs and budget.

If you let our booking agents know where you'd like to go, when you need service, and how many passengers you'll be transporting, we can give you an affordable quote that is sure to please. If you think the rate is too high, you can consider a few things. Our busiest season is early spring through late summer, and you'll find that those rates tend to be the highest, along with weekends and holidays. You can avoid these periods of time to get the lowest rate possible, and you can consider dividing the cost evenly among the passengers.

One look at our vehicles will show you that they're well worth the price! Trolleys are scarce, and it's hard to find vehicles that are in great condition like ours are. Our pricing reflects our consumer friendly business attitude, as we're compassionate in regards to the economy. We won't surprise you with hidden fees when you're least expecting it, the only surprise you'll get is when you step on board!

Money Saving Tips

We understand that it might be a little daunting when you first hear about the prices that come with a party bus, limousine, or trolley car rental. However, we are happy to offer you some exclusive money saving tips that you won't hear about from our competitors.

  1. Divide the rental fee with your guests!
    If you take the rental fee and divide it amongst yourself and your guests, you will quickly see that our rental rates are right around what it would cost an individual to ride with a taxi cab. If you're a little tight in the wallet, then ask your friends to pay their portion of the rental and save big!
  2. Plan your event during slow seasons.
    Contact us regarding your date well in advance to not only have the first pick of vehicles, but also to ensure that your event date isn't being held on a high traffic date. If you find that the Detroit Lions are playing and you want to go Bar Hopping in Downtown Detroit, you will be hard pressed to rent a party bus or limousine for such a trip. However, if your date is flexible or if you know it well in advance, you can save big on your date by booking an off-season date or at least ensure that you will have a party bus or limousine for your event. Weekdays vs weekends is another big money saver!
  3. Ask about special travel packages!
    Sometimes it gets slow from time to time unexpectedly, and some luxury transportation companies will offer special travel packages to help garner some extra traffic. Always be sure to ask if there are any special travel packages available for your type of event (weddings!) or for your date in particular. At the very worst, you'll have to hear a "no".